About UCI

About Ummah Charity international

Ummah (Arabic: أمة‎) is an Arabic word meaning “community”.

Ummah Charity International (UCI) is a UK registered international relief and development charity. Head office of UCI is based in London. It was established in 2012 by a UK and Europe’s well known Islamic Scholar Mufti Abdul Wahab to make a difference to the lives of  Ummah specifically those who are afflicted by poverty and suffering.

Enthusiastic, devoted, visionary and with the feeling for Ummah, Mufti Abdul Wahab started hunting for young professional individuals to initiate the welfare for the Muslim Ummah with their professional behaviour and innovative ideas to make life better for Ummah.

Characterised by the involvement of young professional individuals and their ability to inspire, motivate and mobilise young people, UCI is now working in Pakistan with the joint venture with other registered charities there; with the vision to serve the whole Ummah across the globe.

UCI remains a professional controlled and driven organisation but has its helm experienced and dedicated leaders in the field of international development work.