Ummah charity International is working continuously to develop and improve its accountability (a vital part of legitimacy) so that it fully supports our vision and mission, and ensures that our work has the greatest impact. We have many policies and instruments in place for this such as participation, feedback, complaints-handling and reporting.

When you donate towards a particular cause or project, we make sure that we have the team and resources to direct your donation towards the people and communities who need it the most. We take your donations very seriously and make sure that every penny is spent in correct way, for that all donated funds are monitored and reviewed by Mufti Abdul Wahab (Founder & chairman) who ensure that Zakat, Sadaqah and other funds are spent correctly. After the completion a detailed feedback of the project is sent to our donors.

Ummah charity international believes that if we work together we can make a difference and for that we keep our work transparent among all stakeholders which includes: public, donors, volunteers, staff and regulatory bodies in the countries we operate.

A little note on Gift aid: Thanks to our donors who have signed a Gift Aid Declaration as this is hugely helpful.