How to Spend Ramadan


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Every day during this month, Muslims around the world spend the daylight hours in a complete fast.

The month of Ramadan is the season of divine blessings. It is the month of purification. It is meant for annual renovation of the inner spiritual qualities. It is a golden opportunity for every Muslim to strengthen his iman, to purify his heart and soul and to remove the evil effects of the sins committed by him. 

Fasting in Ramadan

Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam. During the blessed month of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world abstain from all food, drink and other physical needs during the daylight hours. Fasting during Ramadan is obligatory on every sane, adult and able Muslim.

What is Suhoor?

Suhoor is a light, predawn meal, recommended before fasting. It is a blessing and sunnah of our beloved Prophet.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said “Eat suhoor, for there are blessings in it”.

There are certain rules Muslims usually follow in having the suhoor, one of which is finishing the “suhoor” before the “fajr” or the “dawn” prayer. If a person is still eating, even just one minute after the prayer has started; the act of fasting becomes disqualified.

What is Iftar?

Iftar is an Arabic term meaning breaking the fast ‘breakfast’ which is immediately after the sunset.

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said:

“Whoever offers meal to his/her Muslim brother/sister at the time of iftar (the meal eaten by Muslims breaking their fast after sunset during the month of Ramadan), s/he receives as much reward as s/he has earned. Nothing becomes less of the reward of those s/he offered meal to”.  – (Tirmidhî, Sawm: 82; Ibn-i Majah, Siyam: 40)

Muslim should observe certain principles while breaking their fast.

  • Iftar should be immediately taken after the sunset.
  • Iftar should be started especially with dates. If dates are not available, it should start with a sip of milk or water (A sunnah way to break the fast).
  • It is considered Makrooh (not liked) if the Iftar is delayed after the sunset or taken before the sunset since its time is considered to be very auspicious.

What is Fidya?

When a person is not able to fast for a valid reason he/she has to give a certain amount of money or a meal to the poor.

How to calculate the price for Fidya?

A person has to pay equivalent to the feeding a person two meals for each day he has missed. If instead they are able to fast and make up for the days they have missed then they can fast in other days.