Feed a Family

In developing countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, India, Sri Lanka and Palestine, the pressures of poverty, is one of the major problems which many families are experiencing every day. They are left in a situation in which they are living without choices and struggling for survival continuously. Most of the poor families are impoverished and become victims of hunger, homelessness and disease.

Over the last two decades the prices of food commodities in Pakistan has had a significant impact on low income people, especially on widows or families who have lost their head of family (breadwinner). Most People do not have basic access to food and it makes difficult for the families to feed their children.

Looking in this serious issue Ummah Charity International is trying to focus on the basic need of food commodities through its program “Feed a Family” and has been successful to distribute more than 10000 food packs during the year at several areas affected by natural disasters to deprived communities. These food packs contain all essential items such as Flour, Rice, Cooking Oil, Sugar, Dates, Cereals, Spices, Juice, Vermicelli, Powder Milk & lentils. Ummah Charity International is dedicated to improve the quality of life of the world’s poorest people. With the grace of Allah (most high) and your support Ummah Charity International is striving to assist the families in need to have a good life and a bright future.

You can be a part of our “Feed a Family” program by making a donation of just £50 which is sufficient to cover the cost of food for one family per month which will ensure that the urgent need of the family living in extreme conditions is met. This £50 donation made by you can help to end the cycle of poverty for a family.

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