Hafiz E Quran

According to a hadith of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

“He who learns and teaches Quran to others will be recommended by Quran to enter Jannah on the Day of Judgment.

Ummah Charity International’s Hafiz-e-Qur’an Sponsorship enables vulnerable children to get a good education as well as memorize the Holy Qur’an during the 3-year sponsorship. Most of these vulnerable children and their carer’s are unable to support the expenses of education, Qur’an memorisation and other life necessities due to extreme levels of poverty.

A large number of children in Pakistan and many other countries of the world want to become Hafiz e Quran and many have been dropped out during their course of Hifz upon failing to pay the monthly tuition fee. In result to financial hardships they are unable to meet their dream as their parents lack of funds due to limited income sources which are insufficient to maintain the cost of tuition fee, transportation etc. Such children are restricted to work on daily wages to become a helping hand for the family by contributing their wage to overall monthly income.

Ummah Charity International understands the need, importance and reward of investing in a program which can support such children who have the potential of becoming Hafiz e Quran. Our program is specially designed to facilitate such children by supporting them financially so they don’t have to worry about their tuition fee and other related expenses.

You can also become a part of this program by sponsoring a Hafiz e Quran to persue his/her Hifz by donating only £30 per month. Our sponsorship program also introduces the children to read, write and develop their learning skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the 21st century. You can gain reward by supporting our Hafiz e Quran sponsorship program. The reward for doing this could be immearsureable.

Your support will help a child to receive a good quality life with the provision of food, safe water and a quality educational institute with a caring Islamic environment.

The cost for a 3-years Hafiz-E-Qur’an programme is £1,080 or £30 per month. Please donate generously.

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