Hazrat Zaid ibn Khalid Al-Urani (r.a.) related that the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said : “Anybody who offers meal for breaking of the fast of another person earns the same merit as the one fasting without diminishing in any way the recompense of the fasting person.” Tirmizi

Ramadan is the most precious month in the Islamic calendar and it is obligatory for the Muslims to fast in the month of Ramadan. Importance of Ramadan lies in the fact that it is one of the five basic and foremost pillars of Islam. Ramadan is not just about starving, in fact this month teaches Muslim about self-restraint. Moreover, in Ramadan Muslims realize the poor and needy people’s condition and develop a sense of sympathy, cooperation, love and sacrifice for them.

It would not be possible to perform the task of helping others with compassion if it were not an obligation to undergo the pain of hunger by fasting. Without knowing about the hunger, man would not be able to develop empathy for the poor and hungry, and help them.

Ramadan Food Pack Distribution

Ummah Charity International every year through its Ramadan Project will provide Iftaar throughout the month to the poor and needy communities in Pakistan. We also distribute the Rashan (food packs) among needy families to provide relief during the holy month of Ramadan. The Rashan (food packs)  contains grains, sugar, cooking oil, flour, rice, spices, juice syrups, dates, tea and other food ingredients required to prepare food. The quantity of Rashan (food packs) is generally enough to feed a family for one month Sehr & Iftaar. To fulfill this holy obligation, Ummah Charity International supported some of the poorest families living in marginalized areas of Pakistan through the provision of key nutritional food packages, giving priority to families supporting orphans and/or with disabled children to enable them to celebrate the festival of Eid ul Fitr, which marks the end of the period of fasting.

Ramadan Iftaar Program

Ummah Charity International (Feed the Ummah) Ramadan project enables some of the poorest people across the country to enjoy a hearty and nourishing Iftaar throughout the  month. Last year around thousands of people benefited from our Ramadan Iftaar program. 

Eid Gift Distribution

At the end of Ramadan We also help such families by providing them with new clothes and Eid gift packs, through our Eid Gifts Program. Ummah Charity International provides Eid gifts for children living through poverty and difficult circumstances. The joy and happiness the gifts bring to our orphans is one of the most beautiful acts one can witness. The Eid gift packs we distribute tend to be items children need – clothes, shoes, bangles, mehndi toys and sweets (mithai).

 We will arrange Eid gift distribution this year too Insha Allah. Through Ummah charity international you can share a moment of joy and happiness on the special day of Eid by providing an eid gift pack and bring smiles to these childrens.

This Ramadan Ummah Charity International brings you the opportunity to make a difference in lives of thousands of impoverished Muslims living in adversity. We aim to feed people of Ummah in hunger all over the world. We request you to join our hands in this cause as you can make a big difference in life of deserving families providing food in this Ramadan.

  • Iftaar £4 per day or £120 for one month
  • Food pack £50
  • Eid Gift Pack £50
  • Fitrana £5 per person

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