Providing work opportunities for excluded and marginalized people, is the key to check generational poverty. Despite hard work, their efforts generally provide only for a mere survival. Lack of proper education, skill and financial hurdle proves an overwhelming obstacle in the way of their prosperity and desire to earn a dignified earning. Acknowledging these facts, Ummah Charity International has initiated a Rozgaar Project aimed at providing recipients with necessary financial assistance and knowledge to exercise a profession enabling them to earn a livelihood and subsequent integration in the labor market.

In order to provide self-employment opportunities to the low income groups, unemployed persons or skilled handicapped persons, Ummah Charity International has launched “Rozgaar Project”. The main purpose of “Rozgaar Project” is to help these capable people and such persons who are not able to fulfill their family needs because of being low income. We aim to make them capable of supporting their families on their own. Those people who have experienced some business losses due to several reasons or if they have intention to start some business but face problems due to capital investment, we provide them with either capital investment or by setting up a business unit for them which they can run/operate.

Not only the men but up skilled women are also provided the opportunity to start small work at their own place to help their counterparts in earning daily life essentials. People with low literacy rate who are unable to get reasonable jobs, we offer them skill development trainings and try to know their interests. Based on their interests we facilitate them to start their own small business e.g. Hand Push Carts for several items, Setups for Tailoring Shops or Setups for Provision Stores etc.

We believe this step will surely impact numerous families and will help create better socio economic conditions for the unemployed group of people. We urge you to become a part of this cause by making donations through bank transfers or following the payment details on our website.

The Rozgaar Project cost varies between £500 to £1000. You can help to setup a ongoing sustainable income source by just making donations in accordance to above given amounts. For further details contact us and help someone to rebuild their lives again.

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