Water for life

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: “The best charity is giving water to drink.” (Ahmad)

Water is so much more than just a drink: it’s needed to cook food, water crops and livestock, wash hands and cooking pots to stop diseases spreading. Ummah Charity International aims to give safe and clean Water to people all over the world.

Water is the basic necessity of life. One of the biggest dilemmas in third world countries is that the majority of their populations are deprived access to clean and affordable drinking water. After Every ninety seconds a kid dies because of water related diseases.

Water is essential to life. Clean water is vital for drinking, growing food and keeping clean. A person can only survive on average three days without water, and if the water they have is dirty and contaminated, fatal diseases spread quickly and the effects are devastating.

Waterborne diseases are caused by pathogenic micro-organisms that most commonly are transmitted in contaminated water. Infection commonly results during bathing, washing, drinking, in the preparation of food, or the consumption of infected food.

At Ummah charity International we have done multiple projects including Instaling many hand pumps, distributing clean water among disaster affected people and making Water wells in rural areas of. When a community gets water they get their lives back, kids go to school, and women improve their homes and improve life.

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1 Hand Pump £150.00

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1 Water Well £700.00

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Our Analysis

How much does it cost?

Hand Pumps: The cost of one hand pump system is in between £150.00 in an area where the water table is high to £700.00 in an area where the water table is very low. Quality of material also affects the cost of hand pump system. Low quality material provides water pump in working condition for about 3-4 years whilst high quality material provides water pump to provide water for about 8-9 years. Due to the high intensity of salt in water the iron boring pipes dissolved within 3-4 years. We install PVC pipe which provides long life to water hand pump system hence increase the cost.

Water Well: The cost of one water well is £700 which will provide safe and clean water up to 100+ households. There are many places where the lack of water resources becomes a major problem. Our aim is to build as many water wells as possible to help vulnerable people.

£150 hand pump

£700 water well

Please save lives and donate generously to quench the thirst of people in need.

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