UCI has always been at the forefront whenever there is a natural calamity. People’s miseries are compounded when the weather is harsh.

In 2015, the earthquake in the northern areas of Pakistan displaced a large number of people. We rescued several people and provided them food and water.

Extreme cold weather made things worse. As the winter set in up in the northern parts of the country hit by the quake, we once again sent our team for winter relief.

People in Gabin Jaba in Swat valley were forced to live in harsh winters with mercury dipping to three degree Celsius. We distributed 200 blankets there to keep quake victims warm.

While Tharparkar desert has extreme hot weather in summer, its nights are freezing cold in winter. Last year, we distributed 200 blankets among Thar people.

As now winter has set in again, people of Thar need to save themselves from extreme cold, especially at night. For this, we have planned to distribute winter relief packs. These £50 winter packs will include blankets, shawls and warm clothes for a family.

You can save these people from cold by donating winter packs. Donate £50 or more now.

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