Empower Women

Everyone knows the key roles women play in the society and development of the nation. They are a crucial part of solutions for overcoming poverty in world economy. But unfortunately some countries which have really high population are ranked top in the most dangerous countries for women.

Few of the reasons why females aren’t able to be a better part of the society and economy is that they are victims of poverty and discrimination, higher birth rates and lower income and also the lack of education lead them to early marriages.

Women also face discriminatory laws which in these countries prohibit women from owning or inheriting land, property or even having a bank account. Many times girls leave their school to work and earn for their families, look after siblings, go for fetching water or take care of home which leaves them uneducated and ultimately they become an illiterate person which not only ruins their life but the lives of whole communities.

 Ummah Charity International has designed a women empowering skill development project to help such women with stitching and tailoring skills. At The end of the 3 months course we provide women, with a sewing machine and tailoring material to start their own business which is sufficient to generate dignified income that meets their basic necessities and daily expenses.

We at Ummah charity aim to empower women by providing them with training, education, skills improvement and equipping them with things they need to at least start becoming a potential and useful human. We will continue to support, empower and educate women until every single female in society will get independence of work, education and they take control of their livelihood.


£150 ( training for a woman and a sewing machine)

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Training for a woman and a sewing machine

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